Gamers Behaving Badly

Towards Season 2!

GBB LogoSo there’s been a distinct lack of posts here of late. The sole reason for that is that I’ve been busy getting everything ready for the Kickstarter of Season 2 of ‘Gamers Behaving Badly.’

Said Kickstarter is now live. Our goals are modest, but necessary to produce a better quality product than what we did with S1.

Of course, with any Kickstarter effort, we need your help. Not only as a backer, but as a signal booster. If you back it, share that fact. If you don’t back it (which is totally cool), then please share the link so that others may have that same choice. All this, of course, if you like the show to begin with.

Thanks once again for your support, and I’ll see you around the table.


Gamers Behaving Badly – Episode 8 – “Empty Victory, Empty Pockets”

The heroes proceeded to finish their assault on the hill giant lair, finally coming upon the chief and his royal guard. A vicious battle ensued, with only the chief remaining. Our brave, but exhausted heroes close in for the kill…   Download this episode (right click and save) Oh, look! A YouTube version. Wonder if there’s any pictures? (spoiler alert:…

Gamers Behaving badly – Episode 7 – “Shadow Dancing”

Having recovered from the initial and rather brutal attack of the hill giants, our heroes have ventured inside the lair of the same. Utilizing a rather surprising and unexpected combination of stealth, force and cooperation, the party has made their way deep into the complex. Now, near the throne room of the hill giant chief, they proceed with caution, but…

Gamers Behaving Badly – Episode 6 – “Worst to First”

The heroes were in search of a band of giants in league with the fiendish wizard Ghramm’Pahzz. Having discovered two hill giant sentries, Whizbandius the wizard-thief of the group attempts to recon past them, after being volun-told to undertake the task. She soon discovers that the giants are asleep, and signals her companions forward. But a questionable (or some might…