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So as I’ve planned out my 2015 and projects, one of the “must happen” projects is self-publishing my own serial fiction. Of course, I’ve done this before in web form, but this time around, I actually want to publish something on my own. I know that damn near every author does this, and the road to any measure of success in this field is a rocky one. That said, I feel this is a task and skill set I want to learn. I understand the process will be difficult, but that appeals to me. That challenge. I hope to make many a mistake along the way as I figure all this out.

So, with that decision made, now came the real tough part.

The idea.

I had several ideas pass through my gray space. Hell, I’d even started on some. I’d batted a few around with Julie (one of which will most assuredly be done – just not yet). Still, none of the ideas had really bubbled to the top. I needed one that fit into my immediate wheelhouse (fantasy & sci-fi), had an interesting enough twist, and possessed enough variety to the universe that it would fit into a serial.

Then the other day, it hit me. One of those “shower moments” when you get a great idea at an unexpected time or unexpected place. Mulling it over, I began to realize that it could work, but maybe not exactly how I wanted it to. The more I thought about it, the more holes and issues I found. Doubt started creeping in. Maybe it wouldn’t work. Still, I wasn’t ready to let it go just yet.

Glad I didn’t.

While taking a walk tonight with Julie and the dog, and letting my mind roam and wander, a thought floated by about my idea. This time, however it came form a different angle. An angle I hadn’t considered, and one that made me realize that now the idea had real potential. Great backstory. Discovery. Fun. Action. Suspense and Worry. It all seemed to fit. It all clicked.

So, now… the title.


Wait, I thought the hard part was over.

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