Script Notes – Episode 6

script-notesSo Episode 6 was another one of those episodes this season that had no basis in actual truth, yet it certainly, to me contains plenty of truths.

The biggest for me is the ability of players to come together and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Whether coming by it honestly or with a little help from the GM, seeing a party pull off their own epic victory has always been a satisfying experience for me, no matter what side of the screen I’m on.

The other truth that often happens is finding a PC out of their element. When giants are asleep, that is most certainly territory for a thief to find herself in. When they are awake? That’s a different story. Whizbandius had no business being there, but there she was, forced to stand


toe to toe with a challenge far beyond her abilities. Even though they shouldn’t, I always admire when I see a PC do something they weren’t really built for. Makes it even better when they pull it off, and as a GM it gives me pleasure in rewarding such actions.

This leads me to the third truth that this episode has – PCs that are too afraid. I’m not talking about in-character fear, but willful actions on the players part to keep their PC safe, simply because they don’t want to run the risk of their demise. In the episode, this was Mike, and speaks a lot to how he views the game.

Have you ever run into any of these situations? How did you deal with it? Was it you?

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