Script Notes – Episode 5

script-notesBad calls, questionable calls or no good deed going unpunished. Episode 5 dealt with a tense situation made worse by the GM exercising a fiat decision that doesn’t make much sense.

So, where was the truth in this episode?

Once again, we travel way back to my early days of gaming when our group (still playing in my parent’s basement) was working our way through the “Against the Giants” series of 1e adventures.

If memory serves, we were in G3, and my thief, Thanandros, was making his way past a pair of sleeping fire giants. He was also wearing a ring of invisibility at the time. He needed to signal to his fellow party members that they were safe to proceed, so Than snapped his fingers. It was then, the GM ruled that such a sound was loud enough in that dungeon (which I’m sure had plenty of ambient sound) to wake both giants. Needless to say, my ring did not help me avoid them for long.


While Than survived, I made sure to let my GM know that I was none to happy abotu that call. He was quite happy to ignore my complaints.

What situations have you found yourself in during a game where the GM made a call against your character or another PC? How did you handle it? Was there any fallout?


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