Script Notes: GBB Episode 2


Omelets, attention and finding clues. Episode 2, “How Do You Like Your Eggs?” was all about one player occupying all of the GMs time and the GM allowing it to happen.

So what was true in Episode 2? This story also involves me, and again goes back to my somewhat early days of role-playing. Days when perhaps I should have known better, but clearly did not.

This story involves that same trio of me, and my friends Shane and Eric. This time, however, I was the Gamemaster. We were playing in an urban campaign I had designed. It was my adaptation of the city of K’Hare, from the old Sorcery! series of books (best CYOA books series ever, if you ask me)

The offending player in this instance was Eric. He did indeed have his PC set out one morning to make an omelet, going from location to location, gathering his ingredients and everything else he needed for the dish. I don’t remember if I was into the idea of role-playing every NPC or if I didn’t have anything ready for that night’s play, or if I simply didn’t know when to quit (the most likely scenario), but between the two of us, we occupied most of the evening, with Shane sitting idly by.

Unlike the episode, however, there was no covert clue gathering going on. This was simply an exercise in role-playing to excess.

Looking back on it now, I have mixed feelings. While that particular session went on far too long, it still is a good example of my love of details and the “little things” in RPGs. I’ve always felt it’s the attention to those details that brings out the realism in the game world and helps to draw players into the game and world.

While I certainly wouldn’t run a session like that again, I do enjoy taking time out of my games to stop and enjoy the small things. If you don’t, you should.

Enjoy your eggs.omelete-de-claras11

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