Meet the Gamers Behaving Badly: Jim

GBB LogoJim doesn’t join the group until episode 3 this season, but he’s been a good friend of Earl’s for some time. Though good friends, the two have only played games together a few times, never able to fully line up their availability.

Jim comes from the school of “never trusting your GM,” having been burned too many times by Game Masters with a warped sense of humor or a vendetta against their players, or both. This belief doesn’t make Jim bitter, just careful. Even with GMs that he knows, Jim never “goes meta” with his player knowledge, working very hard to keep the two separate.

Much like Jenny, Jim is in the game to have fun. This desire helps him to overlook players at the table that may have other goals in mind.

In the show, Jim is voiced by Sean McHale.

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