Meet the Gamers Behaving Badly: Jenny

GBB LogoAnd this brings us to our last regular member: Jenny.

Jenny joined the group last, but that was only by a few months. Out of all the members of the group, Jenny has sat at the most tables, being a member of numerous groups over her gaming career. This has earned her a bit of a mixed reputation amongst the local gaming circles. While some GMs claim that Jenny is a commitment-phobe, and doesn’t remain in a group for too long, others say it may have to do with the way she interacts with others at the table. Claims of drama and other issues leading to her departure or the group breaking apart have followed her. Either way, Jenny has been with this group the longest of any.

There may be a reason for this. An incident known to a very few as simply “The TPK,*” Jenny is reluctant to talk about the entire situation, revealing only choice clues. Suffice to say, The TPK involved at least one other gamer. This incident may have made Jenny gun shy about switching new groups.

Despite the tales and reputation, Jenny loves to game. Not as deep a role-player as Craig, Jenny enjoys being in character from time to time, but her real love comes from trying new things. Always up for a character challenge, Jenny is simply in it for the fun of the playing.

In the show, Jenny is performed by Julie Hussey .


Jenny has confirmed that “TPK” in this case does not stand for “Total Party Kill.”

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