Meet the Gamers Behaving Badly: Craig

GBB LogoOur next Gamer Behaving Badly is Craig. Unlike Earl and Sam, Craig has only been in a few groups, all of which previously broke up under circumstances that Craig has yet to fully reveal. Counting himself lucky, Craig has been with this current group for some time, and hopes to keep it that way. This is what powers Craig to put up with the antics of both Sam and Mike.

A role-player to the core, Craig rarely leaves character once he sits down at the table, sometimes even offering gaming advice while in character, which makes for strange fourth wall breaking situations.

If Craig has any real issues is that he always seems to struggle to find a player or group to match his deep-immersion role-playing style. He longs to have a truly epic and memorable character experience. He’s come close, but it is a goal he secretly believes he may be chasing forever. Craig’s other issue is his dice rolling. More times than not, Craig has been “that guy” when it comes to consistently bad dice rolls. It’s this aspect that may be limiting what his PCs can experience.

In the series, Craig is being played by Scott R. Nelson.

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