Meet the Gamers Behaving Badly: Sam

GBB LogoNext up in our cast of characters is Sam.

A many-yeared veteran of numerous tabletop RPGs, Sam started playing for the idea, stayed for the crunch, and has now become a master power-gamer. There’s not a min he can’t max, a number he can’t munch and a class he can’t squeeze every bit of power and ability out of. The man knows the rules inside and out, and it’s often faster to simply ask him than to look it up. His personal drug of choice are additional and optional rules beyond the core books.

Like Earl, Sam has been a part of many groups, sometimes more than one at a time. Right now, he’s flying solo with Earl and the rest of the group, but he has his finger on the pulse of the local scene. There are very few gamers he doesn’t know.

While on the surface Sam might seem a bit off-putting when seated around the table, he’s never afraid to give credit where it is due. When he sees other players make the right kind of effort, he makes sure to point it out.

In the show, Sam is being played by Mikey Mason.

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