Meet the Gamers Behaving Badly: Earl

GBB LogoIt’s time to meet the characters of ‘Gamers Behaving Badly.’ First up, the gamemaster, Earl.

Earl has spent most of his gaming life behind the GM screen. He does this because Earl loves telling stories.

He also loves being in charge.

While one of these qualities works perfectly with being a GM, the other… not always so. Not a strict “railroad” style of gamemaster (any more, despite Sam’s complaints to the contrary), Earl does try to keep things on course, providing what he feels is an epic and appropriate storyline.

His players, most notably Sam, seem to have different ideas.

In the end, Earl tries to provide a night of fun. Whether that is fun for him or his players has yet to be determined.

Earl is a veteran of numerous groups, but has been with his current group the longest, now approaching three years. And while some players have come and gone, only Sam has been with Earl the entire time. He likes this group and considers them friends, despite the repeated abuses hurled at him while the dice roll.

In the show, Earl is being played by Dan Repperger.


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