The Countdown is On

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Sorry for the lack of updates in the past two months, but now it’s time for one.

As I write this, ‘Gamers Behaving Badly’ is about two weeks away. I say “about” only because I’m waiting on a couple missed lines from a couple episodes. This doesn’t necessarily affect the episode 1, but it will affect episode 2.

So why don’t I just go ahead and release episode 1? Well, for me, I want to have an element of consistency when it comes to the release of this series. That means I want to have things in place so I can release a new episode each week, uninterrupted. The plan as it sits now is that I should receive my missing audio before Thanksgiving, which gives me those days after the holidays to drop it in and get the release set up.

Until then, check back. I’ll be posting character profiles for the show, and quite likely a preview clip or two.

Have a great day!

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