Sneak Peek – Veldriss’ Gift

typewriter_girlThanks much to Dan for allowing me to post a short sneak peak of my upcoming story for Sojourn Vol 2. Click on his name and shoot him an email if you like, telling him not only how much you enjoyed my story, but how much you are looking forward to the book.

The title of the story is called “Veldriss’ Gift.” It involves two old foes who meet once again by chance. This time however, one of them decides to seek the other’s aid in a mission of great importance. Through the course of the story, the two share a not so pleasant time hashing out old issues never settled.

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Veldriss shifted uncomfortably in his seat, taking a sip of his wine. “Through other means I was able to reach her, but that too proved to be fraught with its own dangers. By the time I was able to speak to her,” Veldriss paused as he seemed to consider his next words with care. “I tried to make a connection with my daughter. To tell her who I was, and perhaps even guide her. Prevent her from making some of the mistakes I once did.”

Chestric scoffed. “Some? There were many, if you ask me.”

“I did not ask you, and keep your judgements to yourself,” Veldriss shot back. “Alas, my words and likely my appearance pushed her away. Now I feel I may be too late.”

“Too late for what?” Chestric asked.

Veldriss’ voice was strained. “To save her.”

Chestric looked confused. “From what? Has she been taken?”

Veldriss reined in his emotions and shook his head. “No. Not in the way you imply. I have divined that not only has she come across old notes and records of mine, she is setting down the same path I did so many years ago. A path she is not ready to embrace, much less understand. I need to reach her.”

“To stop her,” Chestric added.

“For a time, at least. My daughter has the Gift. She has it within her to be a great wizard one day, but she is pursuing that power in a way much as I once did. She lacks the proper discipline to manage it. If she engages in the rituals and incantations found within my old journals without that discipline, without my guidance, she could bring about forces and beings she cannot control.”

“But you still want her to possess such power?”

Veldriss nodded. “Of course, you fool. She is my daughter. It is the—”

Chestric cut the wizard off. “Your possession of that power ended poorly for you. It corrupted you, turning you power hungry and mad. No one should have such power.”

Veldriss held up his good hand in surrender. “I will admit that there were mistakes I made so many years ago, but I learned from them. I realized too late what I should have done. I wish to spare her of that.”

“You call the death of so many innocents by your hands mere mistakes? You are still blind to the evil you have done, even now, after all this time!” Chestric’s voice was growing louder, causing heads to turn.

Veldriss leaned in and lowered his voice. “I did not call you over here to debate my past. What I have done is not up for discussion, certainly not now. We are talking about saving the only thing I have left in what remains of my life. I planned to seek out a sellsword or two to assist me, but when I saw you, I presumed your skill with a sword was still just as strong. Plus, it amused me to see you after all this time. The mighty hero always ready to save those in need. I thought that perhaps my only child would merit such saving. Perhaps I have misjudged.” Veldriss slid his chair back and stood. He started to move past the aged hero.

“Wait,” Chestric grabbed Veldriss’ arm.

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