Hey, Chris is done with a project

My story submission for Sojourn, Volume 2 is now fully done. I received my edits, and went through the story. It’s funny, when I submitted it, I felt that the piece was a decent story at its core, but ti was going to need a LOT of work. Once I got my edits back from Laura, I was a bit surprised at the lack of them all.

Knowing I had to go through the whole piece myself to fix what was there, I also knew there were portions that needed repair. I was surprised as I edited the story that the portions I thought were weak and in need of the most help, actually were pretty strong. In the end, the amount of changes I ended up making were pretty minor.

I’m actually quite pleased with the final result, and in some ways feel this is one of my stronger stories I’ve written. With luck, I’ll be able to post a portion here later on.

The title? Veldriss’ Gift.



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