sojournSo I was fortunate enough to be granted some extra time to finish my story submission for Sojourn Volume 2. I was quite grateful for this, because I knew it was a solid story idea. Of course, the execution remained to be seen.


What made this an even bigger challenge for me was the amount of time I had to finish the story. I basically had about 2.5 weeks to get it all done, with one of those weeks occurring while I was away at a work conference in Las Vegas of all places. This was not only going to be a test of my ability get lots of words down, but also to stay strong in a city filled with distractions.


To my surprise, I accomplished both tasks with surprising ease. The former came as a complete surprise as I was able to lay down 1000-1200 words each night I worked. The latter became a real badge of honor in my ability to see the longer goal in mind, rather than a short term distraction.


Now, this isn’t to say that what I’ve laid down is anything worth reading, but the fact that almost 10K words are sitting, waiting to be edited is a real accomplishment, considering the time window. Indeed, I may have set a record for words in one sitting on the day I finished the story. I put down a little over 2200. That may be a drop in the bucket for some writers, but for this guy. That’s a big deal.


Once it does get readable, I’ll post a sample.

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