Where the Hell Have YOU Been?

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I promise this will be the last “Sorry” post, but… sorry.


It’s weird when you work to get what you want, but when you actually get it, then you freeze, and that’s what kind of happened here. I received the cast audio, then kind of freaked out. Maybe it was the shock of getting something I actually wanted. Maybe it was the weight of this on me. Maybe it simply was laziness. Most likely it was a combination of all three.


Then it turned into other things messing with my schedule. Family Life (graduation & visits), Gaming Life (Fear the Con), Heath Issues (bleh)
and who knows what else.


Either way, that is behind me. I’ve completely missed the deadline for the release of the series, so it’s time to set a new deadline, and move forward. And that’s what’s happening here.


If you’ve been sticking around, I thank you. If you went away, I miss you. Either way, things are back on schedule with me, so expect more.




This time I mean it.

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