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The cast for Season 1 of ‘Gamers Behaving Badly’ is now set! Not only is it set, I have nearly all the audio submitted by our cast. Nearly. There is still some to be sent in, but so far, so good.

If all continues according to plan, you can expect to see the first episode of ‘GBB’ drop sometime in June.

Without further ado:


Earl (our GM)Dan Repperger

Craig (a player) – Scott Nelson

Jenny (a player) – Julie Hussey

Sam (a player)Mikey Mason

Mike (a player) – Wayne Cole

Jim (the new guy) – Sean McHale

Narrator – Seneca Pressley


For those just joining us, ‘Gamers Behaving Badly’ is an audio comedy about a group of tabletop role-players who play tabletop games the way they weren’t meant to be played, but sadly so often are. Many of the episodes are based off of true stories. The first season of ‘GBB’ will be comprised of eight episodes and followers our group as they undertake a new adventure designed by their Gamemaster, Earl. Will their PCs survive? Will the GM survive?

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