Editing, Open Call and a Book!

So I’ve begun editing in earnest on the ‘d20 Questions’ Test Episode and I’m learning several things about the show. The adage that you should record your first episode of a podcast, then throw it out is very true here. While I do like what I’m seeing from the episode, there are several things I will do different when it comes time to record the show. Will I still release the test episode? Most likely, yes, but I won’t make a big deal about it. :)

On other fronts. ‘Gamers Behaving Badly’ had to cancel its read-through. One of my voice actors had a medical issue (he’s fine). The read-through was going to be nice, but wasn’t critical in my mind. I trust my people to cut the tracks the way I’m envisioning things, and give me something I wasn’t expecting. Also, one of my actors had to drop out. I kind of expected this, and his role wasn’t for the entire season. It was a smaller part, so I am putting out an open call to anyone who has ever been interested in voice acting. You will be paid in “experience” and “resume pad.” :) Sorry, but that’s the budget for Season 1. If you are interested, you can contact me.


Finally, and I’m very proud to announce this, the sci-fi anthology ‘Sojurn‘ is now out in print form. It is the first published book from Fear the Boot, and contains stories not only by Yours Truly, but by established authors and members of the Booter Community. Check it out in print and ebook!

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