So… Updates

typewriter_girlUpdate time. Actually, it should have been update time quite some time ago, but that is being corrected now. So, where is everything at? Let’s run down the list:

Gamers Behaving Badly
The scripts for Season 1 have been completed, edited and placed in the hands of the cast. We are set for a read-through of several of the scripts the week of February 24th. From there, each cast member is off to record their own audio, which will be due back by the end of March. Logo design for the show has begun and I’m considering a couple options when it comes to music and sound effects. So, it may be slow progress, but it is moving forward, and that is a positive thing.


It Figures
This show has been put on the back burner for the moment, because of the next entry below, but mental energy is slowly returning that way, so I expect things to begin bouncing around in my head more on this one soon.


d20 Questions Over Coffee
Sometimes you are struck with an idea that simply burrows its way into your brain and will not let up. Such is the idea here. This show is a rather obvious homage/take/adaptation of the incredible Jerry Seinfeld show on Crackle “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Of course, this show has a distinct gaming-related twist to it. In the past few weeks it has moved from idea, to format design to recording a test show (set to happen this week). The test show allows me to place the format under actual scrutiny, and see if it needs any changes. In almost the reverse of GBB, the logo for this show has been completed. We’ll unveil it next week.


So, that’s where we stand on things. I’ve been able to personally set some scheduling to allow for regular updates here as the shows move forward… and I do as well.

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