The Sun shines anew on Table Tales

Returned, Renewed, and Revamped

The Sun shines anew on Table Tales

The Sun shines anew on Table Tales

So the Kickstarter failed, now what? Well as much of a bummer as that was, it actually became one of those moments where what happened after actually turned out better.

First off, “Table Tales” as a show/series unto itself is dead. What it has been resurrected as (and yes, it made its survival roll) is really a channel of sorts. There are many tales that can be told at the table, and to make that just one form of media actually is a disservice to those stories. So, “Table Tales” is actually a channel that will house eventually a number of shows that deal with the exploits of tabletop gaming.

So what are they? Well, there’s a few ideas that are slowly evolving from globs into actual, final sculptures. The first I can talk about it “Gamers Behaving Badly.” It’s what Table Tales might have been had the Kickstarter made it. Script work on that show is through the first draft stage, meaning the first season is written. It just needs to be revised, before moving into production. The second is “It Figures.” I don’t want to give away much more detail than that, but you know I will eventually.

So, stay tuned. Table Tales are coming your way.

And keep gaming.


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